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Deanne Mincer

The Light of Eternal Love

Deanne Mincer - The 52: Discovering the True You in 52 Simple Lessons

Does enlightenment sound blissful but seem like too lofty a goal for you? Take heart! In just a few simple steps, you can be en route to experiencing the joy of personal transformation.The True Yo...

The 52: Discovering the True You in 52 Simple Lessons is now available as a print and an ebook.

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This book is the culmination of my more than twenty five years of teaching yoga and studying many different spiritual paths. I found great synchronicity, especially in the alignment of classic yoga texts, A Course in Miracles, and the mystical poetry of Rumi.

In 52 lessons, 52 weeks, you will be gently guided into a greater knowledge of you are in the core of your being. Leading from the heart, you will learn new ways to view yourself and the world. With practical bullet point lists, you will take action. And, ultimately, you will come to see what I already know you are - The Light of Eternal Life and Love. 

Here are some comments on the book:

"Deanne Mincer is a spiritually aware teacher, awakened by her own experience, education, and understanding. For two years I have been following her writings in The 52, amazed that in her friendly, conversational style she can draw from and quote the greatest mystics and teachers of all traditions. Somewhat in awe after reading her post about illusion (maya), I commented that it was a "daring, beautiful--a brilliant summary of centuries of thought and wonder." The same can be said of her entire series. Thank you for writing and compiling these gems in a book, Deanne. My copy will be on my nightstand, to be treasured frequently."

Constance L. Vincent, PhD

author of Not Going Gently

"Deanne's yoga and healing work spring from a rare combination of spritely wise humor and endless wells of compassion. I am a far, far better person for having worked with and learned from her. I just love her."

Lisa K.

"A luminous soul, whose love, warmth and wisdom enrich the lives of those who know her. I've learned over a lifetime of friendship that Deanne Mincer's true depth and joyous sense of humor border on the holy...and, for me, personally, have been a balm and a place of enlightenment.

As long as I've know Deanne, I'm still awed by her renaissance abilities to assimilate and impart her always advancing knowledge of the physical, mystical and sacred to others...and therefore, I greatly encourage us to imbibe of her generous servings of spiritual and bodily nourish for fortifying our heavily burdened, worldy spirits with a re-awakened sense of awe that is our birthright. Deanne know how to gently lead us to those higher realms that bless our uniqueness, make us whole and restore our inner peace."

Linda R. Blue

Assistant Chaplain, UCLA Medical Center

"Every expression of Truth has a common thread and when woven together they form a garment of such beauty and awe. I think you are a wonder, Deanne, and never doubted the intention in your heart."

Jerry E.

Certified Yoga Instructor

"Deanne Mincer has written an inspirational guide to developing a more mindful spirit. Her beautifully written words are wise and loving lessons to help gently shift your inner voice and embrace positive energy. Deanne really cares and has devoted her life to living a more spiritually healthy existence. Her teachings are positive, realistic and

and meaningful."

Caron Kamps Widden

Author of Restoration, a novel

Deanne is in the process of work on another book. It is about after death communication. Proof positive that love transcends death and that life is eternal. The book is about a yoga teacher with deep mystical experiences who struggled and nearly lost her spiritual grounding while caring for her elderly mother. After her mother left her body, she did not really leave. Instead she sent hundreds of signs and messages of support, humor, and gratitude. Love IS Eternal.