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Deanne Mincer

The Light of Eternal Love

E-Course "The 52"

Join Author Deanne Mincer for this year-long e-course based on her book The 52: Discovering the True You in 52 Simple Lessons!

Each week for 52 weeks, you will receive 52 lessons via email, complete with the weekly lesson along with a video with a message from Deanne. You will be gently guided into a greater knowledge of you are in the core of your being. Leading from the heart, you will learn new ways to view yourself and the world. With practical bullet point lists, you will take action. And, ultimately, you will come to see what Deanne already knows you are - The Light of Eternal Life and Love. 

Support yourself in following through with your New Year’s Resolutions. This is the time of year when many of us resolve to change our lives. A clean start. The beginning of a new year. Lose weight. Make more money. Start to meditate. Whatever! And usually within weeks we give up. It didn’t work.

This time it will be different. With The 52, change will be incremental. Little by little and sustained – the way real change takes hold. Lesson by lesson. Week by week.

As you give attention to following the weekly practices, you will begin to see your life change. The methods are simple and easy to follow – nothing so big that it will seem daunting. And I will be your main cheerleader!

You will learn how to alter your life and love yourself more by engaging ·       Affirmations ·       Breathing techniques · Observing your body and yourself ·       Reading quotations to amuse and encourage you · Using all the most powerful forces of classic yoga, like non-violence, truthfulness, nonpossessiveness, purity, contentment, meditation ·       Delving into some of the profound teachings of A Course in Miracles ·       Learning from the mystical poetry of the Sufi scholar, Rumi ·       Repeatedly choosing love over fear, the Self over negative energies

As you listen to my weekly video suggestions and choose from the bullet point lists of weekly ideas and link with others on Facebook who are sharing your goal, you will become Lighter and more full of Love.  

And finally, you will come to know for yourself what I already know about you. YOU are the Light of Divine and Eternal Love. Always have been. Always will be. Nothing less than this. But now you will know it for yourself.

How does Enlightenment feel?

Welcome aboard!

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