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Deanne Mincer

The Light of Eternal Love


"Deanne's presence and gentle approach to yoga has deepened my practice in such a way that I feel the effects of yoga throughout my day. I have more consciousness of peace andf ease in my mind and therefore in my interactions with others. She is a gifted and loving teacher."

Lauren T.

"I am more patient, more empathic and less judgmental. I have been able to reduce my stress level and overall feel better mentallyand physically."

Sue K.

"Deanne's yoga and healing work spring from a rare combination of spritely wise humor and endless wells of compassion. I am a far, far better person for having worked with and learned from her. I just love her."

Lisa K.

"I have been taking classes with Deanne for well over twelve years. At first I went for the yoga, knowing the stretching and poses would be helpful in keeping my body limber. But was I in for a surprise! thinking process has been changed dramatically since taking her classes. We talk extensively about spirituality and I have become much more positive and forgiving in my thinking. I am very mindful of my thoughts and how powerful they are, and am a work in progress of being filled with loving kindness to all including myself. I wonder if Deanne reralizes what a gem she is, and how her teaching honestly changes people's lives. She has been my role model for a very long time."

Mina S.

"Deanne exudes lightness and brings a unique blend of yoga and spirituality to each class through her guided meditation and readings. She has the ability to identify and assist any given student of all levels. In addition, I have developed a deeper meditation practice from taking her private sessions."

Demi S.