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Deanne Mincer

The Light of Eternal Love

Yoga Nidra CD

Deanne Mincer - Divine Love: A Unique Yoga Nidra Experience

Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation practice, is often called “sleeping” meditation or “divine sleep.” It is yoga for transformation at the deepest level possible, releasing powers of the deep subconsciou...

Experience Divine Love!

A new and revolutionary coupling of two extraordinary meditation and consciousness altering methods in ONE experience and recording.

Now you have the opportunity to own this CD or MP3 download and meditate with it in your own home!

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Deanne, who has been a long time guide in the practice of Yoga Nidra, has joined with Sacred Acoustics to produce a new and deeper form of "sleeping" meditation. 

The techniques and steps of Yoga Nidra are designed to have the potential to transport the listener into the highest of the eight limbs of Raja Yoga, to samadhi, the super conscious state. Now, blending this venerable practice with the binaural sounds and tones of Sacred Acoustics, which can help the listener reach levels of deep awareness and even the experience of Divine and unconditional love and being in the presence of this Truth, we can offer something unique and "out of this world."

You may be familiar with Sacred Acoustics work as they also collaborated with neurosurgeon, Dr. Eben Alexander, who wrote of his near death experience in the best selling book,

"Proof of Heaven."

Each recording includes:

  • Introductory material to prepare you to listen
  • A full length Yoga Nidra practice
  • A shorter and different Yoga Nidra practice


"Amazing blend of undertones. Crystal clear vocals. Easy to follow. It feels safe and is filled with positive energy. Extremely calming and relaxing. An incredibly powerful healing session, brimming with Divine light and love. The progression of peaceful visualizations are like nothing I have ever experienced. The heightened level of Divine connection I felt was vibrating throughout my body.I would recommend this to everyone I know and buy it for everyone I could."

Melissa N

"What a profound experience! Deanne's warm and soothing voice had me starting to relax during the 8 minute introduction, in spite of my very stressful day. In fact, I had been thinking I didn't have time to listen to this CD. I was wrong. I don't have time NOT to listen to it. In minutes I was so relaxed I felt like I was a cello and those acoustic sounds were gently plucking the strings. Soon I was sound asleep (I'm going to keep this at my bedside for the next sleepless night!). I awoke completely relaxed and refreshed just minutes before the long practice ended. Sixty-six minutes of bliss this time included doing both the 21-minute short practice and the 45-minute long practice. I'm sold. I'm also recommending this to anyone who has stress, an addiction, or a post-traumatic stress disorder. The combination of yoga nidra and acoustic harmonic frequencies has the power to transform the unconscious at avery deep level."

Constance L. Vincent, PhD, author, Not Going Gently

"My experience of Divine Love: A Unique Yoga Nidra Experience was exactly that.The combination of Deanne's soothing voice, coupled with the otherworldly, healing tones, opened my heart and took me on an inner journey that I look forward to having again and again."

Linda K.

"The benefits of Yoga Nidra have created an inner awareness and deeper relaxation to my daily life."

Demi S.

"Depths of relaxation that is simply incredible. Deanne has such a soothing voice as she guides us into that deeply meditative state.of yoga nidra."

Loren K.

"Deanne's gentle, loving voice along with the powerful sounds of Sacred Acoustics brings you to a deep and profound space within yourself. The feelings of relaxation, peace and being centered lasted a few days for me just after one session. I can see that the combination of Deanne, Yoga Nidra and Sacred Acoustics will be an amazing healing tool."

Carol E.